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by Arky on August 14, 2011

Does Google think you’re a legitimate, quality site?

You’ve done the usual SEO keyword optimization, avoided duplicate content and built backlinks to your pages to improve your rank with Google. But does your site appear “professional” to Google. Does Google think you’re a legitimate, qualified content provider?

AdWords Guidelines

Google is very good about telling us exactly what they want. We just have trouble sometimes in paying attention. AdWords guidelines spells out a number of requirements for a Transparent landing page. It should:

  • Openly share info about your business and clearly define what your business is or does.
    [That’s a Contact and About Us page]
  • Honour the deals and offers that you promote in your ad.
  • Deliver products and services as promised.
  • Only charge users for the products and services that they order and successfully receive. Distinguish sponsored links from the rest of your site content.
    [That’s an Earnings Disclaimer]
  • Ensure prices or billing methods are easily located on the website and are obvious to users.
  • In cases of recurrent billing or subscription situation, the price and billing interval must be present in a clear and obvious location on the page where the user provides their information, and a mandatory opt-in box must be present.
    [That’s an Anti-Spam policy statement]
  • Unless necessary for the product or service that you’re offering, don’t request personal information.
    [That’s a Privacy Policy. Tell your customer about the information you collect]
  • If you do request personal information, provide a privacy policy that discloses how the information will be used.
    [Again a Privacy Policy]
  • Give options to limit the use of a user’s personal information, such as the ability to opt out of receiving newsletters.
    [That’s an Email policy statement]
  • Allow users to access your site’s content without requiring them to register. Or, provide a preview of what users will get by registering.
    [That’s a Terms of Use page]

The FTC Endorsements and Testimonial Guidelines

Google is not the only one watching your site. The Federal Trade Commission requires some things as well. The FTC has published guidelines on required disclosures for advertisers about Endorsements and Testimonials. In the US you are required by law to make proper disclosures.

Under the revised Guides, advertisements that feature a consumer and convey his or her experience with a product or service as typical when that is not the case will be required to clearly disclose the results that consumers can generally expect. In contrast to the 1980 version of the Guides – which allowed advertisers to describe unusual results in a testimonial as long as they included a disclaimer such as “results not typical” – the revised Guides no longer contain this safe harbor.

A testimonial disclaimer is a must if you’re advertising user’s results.

Real World Test Case

Just how important is all this documentation in a real world example? Andrew Hansen in Does Google Hate Your Site tested comparable pages with and without all the recommended disclaimers and found that AdWords Quality Rating on a site that had all the proper pages rated at 8. A site with no Policy pages rated at 1 and Google wouldn’t even run the ads. A comparable site with only three of the policy pages ranked for a while but after about a week dropped back to 1.

Are you starting to see how important Google considers these pages?

WP Policy Pack

WP Policy Pack provides 10 important disclaimers in an easy to use and manage WordPress plugin.

You get:

  • Anti-spam Policy Template
  • Disclaimer Template
  • DMCA Notice Template
  • Earning Disclaimer Template
  • E-mail Policy Template
  • External Links Policy Template
  • Medical Disclaimer Template
  • Privacy Policy Template
  • Terms of Use Template
  • Testimonial Disclaimer Template

The plugin provides shortcodes to automatically insert your required company information into the pages. Pages using the shortcodes will automatically update all pages if you need to change a phone number, address or other information in the future. These shortcodes can be used in any other pages or Post and in Text Widgets to make changing your company information simple sitewide.

WP Policy Pack Screenshot

WP Policy Pack Screenshot

Pages are inserted in to your WordPress Pages area where they can be edited and customized just like any other WordPress page. Individual Pages may be enabled or disabled at will.

Convince Google You are a Legitimate Quality Site

Improve your quality rating. get WP Policy Pack for $20.00 USD and give Google what they want.

WP Policy Pack available here.

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